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History of the Pepperoni Roll

A pepperoni roll, sounds simple… right? If you asked most people this question, you would get a variety of answers — unless you are from the State of West Virginia.

Pepperoni rolls have been a West Virginia favorite since the 1920’s. This simple idea of baking the zesty pepperoni into the fresh baked rolls came to Julia Chico as an inventive way to serve fresh, easy snacks to her family. This has been a tradition in the Chico family for generations. Julia’s son, Samuel Chico Jr. decided that this little family secret should be shared. So the home of Julia’s Pepperoni Rolls® was founded. Soon everyone in Morgantown, West Virginia and the surrounding areas were enjoying these appetizing treats.

Currently there are quite a few small bakeries in West Virginia that produce pepperoni rolls. Most of these bakeries began as a family owned business and continue to be operated in that way. However, outside the state of West Virginia you are not likely to find a bakery that produces these fantastic snacks. Each recipe is a little different, some use sliced pepperoni, some use pepperoni in sticks and some even grind up the pepperoni. But no matter how they do it, the idea is the same simple one that Julia had so many years ago.

In 1997 third generation owner, Samuel A. Chico, III, had the ambitious vision to make Chico Bakery the largest producer of pepperoni rolls in the nation. Sam wanted this West Virginia secret to get out, so he set out to do just that. Soon, the legendary Julia’s Pepperoni Roll® will be available to everyone, no matter where you live.